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  • Do you see big problems in the world, but don’t know how to help?
  • Do you want to make a bigger impact but feel like you cannot afford it?
  • Have you started a venture but lack the credibility to scale it?
  • Been in business for 5+ years, but struggle to attract the right customers?

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Online or in-person sessions with your impact team of advisors, and mentors with expertise in brand storytelling, venture planning, capital management, joint ventures, product development, marketing strategy and more. 


Access to monthly consulting and one on one coaching with key members of the IMPACTJUNKIE Team to reach your goals in sales and craft your impact story. 


Expand your network reach with the IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneur community around the world and be a vehicle of impact to fuel of other startups. Access to the thousands of IMPACTJUNKIE members to increase your visibility and be part of a community hooked on changing lives.


Want more? Get priority / VIP access to exclusive events like pitch competitions and meetups, travel for international venture trips (like Nepal, Belize, Guatemala, and more) downloadable resources, swag in your mailbox, and brand recognition

Want even more? Your membership provides these same programs to another IMPACTJUNKIE around the globe (like Elfenia in Belize) - from jungles, to deserts, to children's homes, and beyond. Double your impact! Do more with what you've been given.

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Graduates from the Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School with seasoned investors, academic advisors, and more

Philip Harding, co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE is a technology executive, social entrepreneur, and impact junkie, Philip’s life has been intertwined with entrepreneurship, technology, design, and service. His work spans sectors demographics, and industries - whether launching a digital “startup” in the Pentagon for the Secretary of Defense, executing White house priorities for a federal $80+ IT problem, guiding one of America’s largest textbook stores through the digital revolution, scaling an international training organization in the digital era, building life-changing movements with passionate volunteer teams, launching a design/branding consulting firm, creating programs in Congress for members to improve constituent services, and helping entrepreneurs/business owners incubate new ideas. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard University. He received his Masters in Public Policy, Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School while also being elected university-wide student president. He co-founded IMPACTJUNKIE LLC with Steve Drury in 2017 which has now grown to over a four hundred member base with recruitment strategies to triple by the end of 2018. He has overseen leadership teams to help execute the vision of IMPACTJUNKIE LLC to establish itself a for-good profit entity looking to apply private solutions to the world’s biggest public problems through establishing ventures to give every individual an equal chance at the opportunities in life, and above all, do no harm to those we serve

Steve Drury, co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE has lived the life of an exemplary Impact Junkie. His life story is filled with ministry, entrepreneurship, and loving people. He served as President of Tupelo Children’s Mansion -- a children’s home in Mississippi -- where he and his wife built and led a team, launched new ventures to support the children’s home, and raised over 1,000 children. He founded New Beginnings International adoption agency and family service which has adopted over 1,000 children to forever families. As a church planter and entrepreneurial minister, Steve served as pastor in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi - and previously youth pastor in Texas. He travels across North America providing life planning and financial advisory workshops and sessions. He was founder of the Church Loan Fund for the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) and currently serves as President. Since 2006, Steve has service as President of the UPCI Foundation and has served as Director of Stewardship for UPCI since 2002. He has also served as Chairman for the Church Aflame Institute, as Director for Institutional Advancement at Urshan Graduate School of Theology. Steve received a Bachelor of Theology degree from Apostolic Bible Institute. He co-founded IMPACTJUNKIE LLC with Philip Harding in 2017 where has served as senior advisor over many establishments of IMPACTJUNKIE locally and internationally. His experience in establishing ventures on good faith and with sound financial backing allows for the best decisions to be made benefiting those being served.

La Keisha Nicole Landrum is Sahara Reporters’ Chief Operating and Revenue Officer where she leads the company’s global strategic partnerships and drives Sahara’s strategy in business, video and technology. Most recently, she led Sahara Reporters’ strategy for coverage of the Nigerian presidential electionswhere Nigeria ushered in its first peaceful transition of power in its history. In 2011, La Keisha joined Harvard Business School’s The Harbus as its Chief Operating Officer,where she focused on building new business models for failing print publications, and ushered in its transition from print to digital, which was a commercial success. Prior to her role at Harvard Business School, she served on the research team at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School in the Youth & Media project group where her research, development initiatives and advocacy centered around youth and digital technology. Her previous work includes serving in the Mayor of Cambridge’s office as a Senior Associate and as a Digital Media Research lead for National Public Radio. In addition to her business career, La Keisha sits on the board of The Harbus Foundation, which provides grant awards and consulting services to organizations promoting education, literacy, and journalism. La Keisha lives in Long Island City, New York with her husband and daughter.

Joe Pasqualichio is a Portfolio Manager at BTG Pactual Partners in New York City, where he manages an equity portfolio in the Consumer and Technology sectors. Prior to his role at BTG Pactual, Joe worked as a lead sector Analyst at Citadel, a global hedge fund with over $25 billion in assets under management. Joe began his investing career at Eaton Vance, a Boston-based mutual fund with over $400 billion in assets under management.  In 2012, Joe graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA, having focused on finance. While at Harvard, Joe served as President of the Harvard Graduate Student Government. Prior to business school, Joe worked as a management consultant, advising clients on strategy, marketing, and operations, across a variety of sectors.  Joe also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA and served as Student Body President. Joe currently resides in New York City with his wife and newborn son.

Zuri Obado is currently a pre-health adviser for the Health Science Intensive (HSI) program. She grew up in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University, where she majored in psychology. She then attended Boston University School of Medicine and received a master’s in mental health counseling and behavioral medicine. After graduation, Zuri returned to Rutgers, first to be a counseling intern and then to work full time for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences’ Educational Opportunity Fund program as an advisor supporting first generation and underrepresented students. The program helps students who need extra support transitioning from high school to college. “It was my way of giving back to the community,” Zuri said. She left New Jersey in February to move to Maryland, where she has started the next phase of her career at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus. In her role, Obado is on the HSI admissions committee and serves as a resource for students interested in enrolling in the HSI program. She also interviews prospective students.

Clarissa Buckley is a lover of all communities, cultures, and people with the hope to connect each person to live their best life, and write their best story. From building grassroots movements in political and community networks with the dream that every person has a seat at the table. With a degree in psychology, focused on counseling and now with international focus in working with startups in various roles. She currently works with IMPACTJUNKIE and assistant to co-founder, Philip Harding of IMPACTJUNKIE. She works directly with entrepreneurs, impact organizations and communities in Washington D.C., Guatemala, Belize, Nepal, Iraq, Greece, and more by executing partnerships, organizing pitch competitions/networking events, and workshops. She is currently enrolled at the Harvard Extension School with a focus in international business and law.

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"My life has completely changed since I became an IMPACTJUNKIE. I don't even recognize the person I was 10 months ago. I see opportunity where I only saw despair, and now I am getting my MBA and determined to do more with what I've been given. "

Crystal Napier
MBA Student, inventor of a new kind of coffee pot

"Everyone has a shape in their heart that only their calling fits in. Mine was an X. This IMPACTJUNKIE journey has not only helped me uncover my passion, but has connected my passion to my purpose."

Dalton Nichols
Web Development Entrepreneur

"My new business went from idea to hiring two full-time employees in less than a year. Sharing my impact story with every potential customer made those sales possible. As an IMPACTJUNIE entrepreneur, I had the resources and community I needed to eliminate my biggest fear - to fail in the first six months."

Jacinta Compres
founder and owner of Clean Co. The Cleaning Company


Dig into "your why" and your story. Learn how to use your skills, gifts and talents to make the most impact in venture and community.

The methods of design thinking are essential to problem-solving to understand your user/patient/client and build the best solution quickly to measure the results, then repeat. This allows for innovation to occur based on the needs of the user and to engage real problems in real time. Understand some of the tools needed to present your solutions such as a pitch deck, empathy mapping, and begin to unpack the tools you will receive during the course.

What does it mean to be a hero and create heroes? Learn how to harness the power of storytelling in each member for action.  

Don't jump to solutions without fully understanding the problem(s) you are trying to solve. Get tools to help you love, listen, and learn. This is at the heart of what entrepreneurship is all about.

An empathy map is a collaborative tool teams can use to gain a deeper insight into your community. Much like a user persona, an empathy map can represent a group of users. Create an empathy map of key communities to understand their needs. Survey your community and get inside their head to understand their pain points to create a solution to best meet their needs with your product.

Explore concepts such as impact and sustainability on a global scale when being faced with real problems in need of an innovative solution. Dive deep into concepts of charity and how to do more with what you’ve been given when bringing solutions to your community.

From understanding your user, begin to craft the solution with the limited amount of resources and time to build a product or service that meets their needs. Receive real time feedback and survey your users to see if this product meets their pain points and creates a solution. Take your MVP to the user market and see where innovation is needed.

There are key stakeholders such as policy makers, investors, and decision-makers to understand how to best pitch to all those in the audience. There is never one pitch, but learn how to craft your pitch to the various audiences you will be engaging for the solution.

"If you do not make impact front and center, you will be the entrepreneur in last place. This community makes impact everything you could dream it could be." Philip Harding, co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE



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