IMPACTJUNKIE Central America Investor's Summit in 2020 will be announced soon.

Read the recap of the most recent summit in Guatemala City here.


Central America Investor's Summit 

The 2-day experience to work alongside impact-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers ready to be the solution.

Guatemala City 

November 5 - 6, 2019 


Collaborative Partnerships

Participant Partnerships 

The entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region, although diverse, is very limited. For growing businesses searching for capital, this has even more limitations. Challenges can be identified and changed, that's the mission of IMPACTJUNKIE X Latin America and the Caribbean rooted in its brand and culture.

In Guatemala alone, more than 90% of the business are micro enterprises that have only 1 to 5 employees. 7.8% are small businesses that have between 6 to 19 employees. About 2% are midsized businesses that have between 22 to 99 employees. Combining micro and small enterprises, 97.8% of Guatemalan businesses suffer from funding availability. Any effort in supporting these businesses competitively and increasing their operations in the local, regional, and international markets brings a positive and high impact effect in the economy of the country. This justifies from every perspective, the development of a policy or tool that can support these entrepreneurs and boost the region's development and employability goals.

Despite growing trends in small investment via micro loans and larger investment over $1M USD, a funding gap still exists for small and growth businesses seeking investment between $50k - $200k USD to scale and generate larger impact. With all this context, IJ X offers investment solutions to small and growth businesses to have a strong and quick impact in jobs generation and migration mitigation.

"Thank you for making our programs a part of your work, and allowing us to observe the changes you make in people’s lives."

Foreign Affairs Officer at U.S. Department of State

"These sessions helped me to expand my vision and fine-tune my business model. They ask the hard questions and provide resources that help broaden and enhance my skills to create a successful business."

Entreprenuer and administrative specialist of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

"We aimed to introduce students to ways they can evaluate the real-world problems, especially those in the healthcare space, and consider how they could create sustainable and effective solutions. The biggest part was to equip our students to take practical action in their roles now and eventually in their positions as physicians."

Academic advisor, Health Science Intensive program at Johns Hopkins University

"People would had paid thousands of dollars to hear what I heard today. So thank you for coming to our community to help those who need it the most -- our local businesses. "

Financial Advisor, New York Life

"I’m not chasing money, I’m chasing excellence. I went from an idea to now hiring three full-time employees since our impact reach grew."

Owner of Clean Co. The Cleaning Company in Virginia

Your Guide

Learn and grow together with proven problem solvers, and innovators. Plus, leverage our relationships with universities like Harvard, Johns Hopkins and opportunities with the U.S. State Department and international leaders. 


Philip Harding, CEO & co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE

International thought leader, inspirational speaker, mentor, and coach to impact investors and social entrepreneurs; senior advisor in the US federal government, from the Pentagon to the White House on $80 billion problem of government modernization & innovation; launched The Great Pitch, which invested over $16 million+ in good-for-government ideas, now US government’s internal “Venture Capital” arm; undergrad and graduate studies at Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s in Public Policy; elected university-wide student president; gave the 2014 Harvard commencement speech to "go serve the world with passion”; global speaker with the US State Department; judge for Startup Istanbul; keynote speaker at Innovation Week in Uzbekistan; creator and teacher of master's course on innovation and impact entrepreneurship as member of faculty at Johns Hopkins University.

Victor Juarez

Co-founder and manager of middle market investment fund in Guatemala; Chosen as a Young Leaders of Americas Initiative Fellow & elected president of the fellowship focused in entrepreneurship led by U.S State Department; hand-selected as the International Visitor Leadership Program Fellow in 2012; Chosen as a Central America Healthcare Initiative Fellow for his work in mental health education in 2019; Founder of TuConsejeria, tech company providing mental health resources and clinicians to every young person in Guatemala. Led StudyAbroadGuatemala who hosted hundreds of university students to travel and study in Central America; completed the fellowship program at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Sarah Sterling 

Expert in impact funds, measurement, and fundraising in Latin America; operations manager of Conveners, focused on connecting impact investors and accelerators; Scholarship Entrepreneur Coordinator of Social Capital Markets; former president of Pomona Impact Foundation focused on social impact challenges; former director of impact of Pomona Impact (Central America investment fund); former Impact Metrics Consultant of Agora Partnerships; Coordinator of the Colloquium on Commercializing Impact Investment, master’s in public administration of Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey; Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador, focused on rural education and small business development.

Other speakers: Stephen Drury, founder of a $56+ million loan fund, Central America key stakeholders and other experts for entrepreneurs and investors based out of Washington D.C. and around the world. Read more about the team here

Hundreds of members and organizations in the growing IMPACTJUNKIE Network.

Harvard Innovation Lab, Johns Hopkins University, U.S. State Department, Izmir University of Economics, Dokuz Eylul University, former executives of Fidelity, Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan — to name a few.

100+ IMPACTJUNKIE workshops and meetups hosted around the world.

50,000+ entrepreneurs and change-makers have attended an IMPACTJUNKIE event. 

$300k+ invested in entrepreneur/
innovation education and ventures around the globe.

17+ countries with IMPACTJUNKIE partnerships

Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Haiti, Brazil, Greece, Nepal, DR Congo, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Slovenia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Rwanda, Vietnam, China.

organizations we work with

companies we work with

Guatemala City



Access to all sessions on November 6 - 7, 2019. 

Considered "professional" or "business" development opportunity 

Work alongside problem-solvers and solution-finders around the world with impact experts.

Topics include healthcare, education, technology, innovation, investment and more. 

Includes lunch on November 7, 2019.


Guatemala City



Access to all sessions on November 6 - 7, 2019. 

Access to "Impact Ecosystems Meetup" pre-summit event on November 5, 2019. 

Exclusive opportunities and perks throughout the event. 

Only 20 spots available. 

Work alongside problem-solvers and solution-finders around the world with impact experts.

Topics include healthcare, education, technology, innovation, investment and more 


Lunch Ticket



Access to all sessions on November 6, 2019. 

Invite only. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Email at any time! 

Another event? What makes this one different?

We fall asleep during lecture style teaching so we do not do it. These are interactive style workshops working to meet your biggest needs. Lots of post-it notes, sharpies will be used. The format of this event is based on the required master's level course designed by IMPACTJUNKIE for Johns Hopkins University. 

What's your agenda in Central America? 

No hidden secrets or alternative motives here. We want to connect with as many people in the impact space to work together on creating sustainable change. We understand in the impact space we are not looking to compete with others but compliment others, vice versa. Our heart is collaboration to start something that changes lives. Yes, we are looking to invest in some projects and attract other investors to do the same. Not trying to keep the whole pie to ourselves but work together to break the glass ceilings once and for all.

What about lodging, travel and so on? 

We are providing a list of recommended accommodations and can help guide you in anyway. Airbnb's, boutique hotels (to support the local economy) is suggested. Uber also has been wonderful for transportation even to Antigua along with other local transportation options. The event cost includes the session on November 6 -7. If you choose the VIP, then it includes the exclusive dinner on November 5. 

$99? That's it. How can you keep your price so low for an investment focused event? 

Yes. This is one of the least expensive investment conferences you will attend. Why? We believe everyone should have a seat at the table. The heart of this event was to encourage investment culture in Central America. This is for the Guatemalan business owner who may not have realized he has money to invest. If he can rub shoulders with successful investors to learn from them, anything can happen. We want to stir up an investment culture from all sides to make the most impact.

Will there be translation provided?


Are special rates or group rates available? 

Yes! Group rates for 5+ individuals start at $69/person. 10+ individuals, $49/person. Special pricing for entrepreneurs is available upon request. 


We are entrepreneurs and investors hooked on solving the biggest, hairiest, most audacious problems in the world. Our framework helps organizations and companies become leaders in problem-solving and innovation. 

What other locations have you held workshops and events? 

National: Indianapolis, IN with the Small Business Administration, St. Louis, MO, Richmond, VA, Washington D.C., Arlington, VA, Southern Pines, NC, Fayetteville, NC, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD and more. Global: Guatemala City, Belize City, Punta Gorda, Honduras, Greece, Nepal, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Haiti, Indonesia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and more. 

Who else is on your team? 

Check out the bios of our team -- from investment advisors, education specialists, and more. Read more here.

How are you partnered with the U.S. State Department? 

Philip Harding, co-founder and CEO of IMPACTJUNKIE travels as an international speaker per request of the U.S. State Department to teach this program in embassies around the world. We have recently hosted an Entrepreneur Fest with U.S. Embassy of Belize -- so much fun. Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to help developing countries. 

Email for any further questions, ideas, or needed information. 

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