These are the highlight stories from IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs, investors, and adventurous doers around the world. 

Bali, Indonesia, September 2019. Entrepreneurs and change-makers at an IMPACTJUNKIE training with the University Dhyana Pura. 

We hear you. We see you. You watch the impact happen but are looking to do more. You are ready to take action and not watch another organization do it for you. We tell the stories but how does that help you?

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Topics include healthcare, education, technology, innovation, investment, military and more.

Fun Fact. Since May, our online meetups have generated $50,000+ revenue for members from referral sales or implemented ideas shared from others in the session. This happens by meeting and connecting with others you may have not had access to before on a global scale.

IMPACTJUNKIE partners with the U.S. Embassy in United Arab Emirates and Indonesia alongside the U.S. State Department.
Philip, CEO and co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE was invited by the U.S. State Department to United Arab Emirates and Indonesia to train change-makers in entrepreneurship and innovation courses. This training material is designed by IMPACTJUNKIE. Several audiences were Banks of Indonesia leaders, universities and their faculty, government leaders, and leading entrepreneurs and impact leaders in the regions. The response has been incredible.

Here is the list of the different organizations and audiences we had the honor of sharing the IMPACTJUNKIE training with including their leadership and key stakeholders: 
Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Giftedness & CreativityUsainuae, Nama WomenUniversity Dhyana PuraU.S. Consulate General Surabaya, Polite Knik Internasional - Bali, Bank of Indonesia, The Consulate of the United States of America MedanUNIVERSITAS TRISAKTIU.S. Embassy - Jakarta, IndonesiaAjman UniversityAmerican University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) -- to name a few.

This is part of the larger work alongside our partnership with the U.S. State Department to host IMPACTJUNKIE Entrepreneur and Innovation focused workshops and events in countries around the world. 

Take action. If you know anyone working in these regions or have an interest in working alongside partnerships in the United Arab Emirates or Indonesia, email [email protected]

Meet Victor. Leading IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneur in Central America providing mental health access to 8,000+ youth in rural Guatemala. 

This story was one to remember in the IMPACTJUNKIE community. You will want to read this.

We met with at the 
Embassy of Guatemala in Washington D.C. to honor Victor Juárez. Victor is an incredible human and hero for his country, Guatemala. He traveled here on Tuesday to be with us and spoke at Johns Hopkins University. We have attached his bio below. He received a unique award -- U.S. State Department Alumnus of the Month. He was chosen out of hundreds of alumni in the fellowship network of the U.S State Department. In this meeting, we spoke extensively with the embassy about ways to spur economic development for entrepreneurs creating impact like never before and work together to make it happen.

Victor alone is providing access to mental health services via their phone for 8,000+ young people through his company, 
Tu Consejería. He created a platform where a young person can have immediate access to a psychologist via the web. This service has prevented suicides, brought families together, and been a solution for those struggling with depression. In this meeting, we talked about how to scale other businesses to make an impact on a large-scale. Hero material right? We think so.

Victor is our IMPACTJUNKIE Central America Brand Ambassador. This means he represents all things IMPACTJUNKIE in the region and does an excellent job doing so. The reason for this role was the dream he shared with us. To start an impact investment fund for the middle market in Guatemala and Central America for small business owners to have access to needed capital to add jobs, create opportunity, and spur economic development like never before. The big dream is, "What if Guatemalans saw opportunity at every corner in their country?" We believe it's possible and to unleash the next wave of entrepreneurs to end poverty, reduce violence and maybe be the Silicon Valley of impact.

This relationship all started with one rooftop conversation in Antigua, Guatemala where Victor showed up back in January. He almost didn't make the trip to meet us for the first time but there was something bigger at play. Our lives were meant to be together and impact the world like never before.

Victor is co-founder and manager of middle market investment fund in Guatemala; Chosen as a Young Leaders of Americas Initiative Fellow & elected president of the fellowship focused in entrepreneurship led by U.S State Department; hand-selected as the International Visitor Leadership Program Fellow in 2012; Chosen as a Central America Healthcare Initiative Fellow for his work in mental health education in 2019; Founder of 
Tu Consejería tech company providing mental health resources and clinicians to every young person in Guatemala. Led StudyAbroadGuatemala who hosted hundreds of university students to travel and study in Central America; completed the fellowship program at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
IMPACTJUNKIE partners with the Central American Health Initiative and Johns Hopkins University to grow healthcare innovation in the region.  

Here is a brief message from Shivaugn Ahern, executive director of the Central American Health Intiative (CAHI). 

It is my great pleasure to tell you about a new collaboration that
CAHI has established with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Impact Junkies, a global impact investing and entrepreneurial development organization. 

On September 18, I, Shivaugn Ahern was invited to the campus of JHU to present the CAHI Fellows Program to a group of 34 students who are preparing to apply to medical school while completing a one-year masters degree. The class is called “Problem-Solving and Innovation in Health” and is taught by Philip Harding, JHU Faculty and the CEO and Co-Founder of Impact Junkies. I described the CAHI Fellows Program and presented the executive summaries of each current CAHI Fellow’s project with the class. 

The students were impressed and inspired by your dedication to solve real-world problems using the concepts of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship and decided to adopt your projects as live cases for their class projects.

As you know, CAHI is committed to creating networking opportunities for you to interact with professionals and peers from other countries and sharing CAHI Fellows’ successes to demonstrate that change is possible with leadership and the necessary skills. 

I am so grateful to JHU and Impact Junkies for adopting the CAHI Fellows program. Our three organizations share the same goal: to prepare individuals to lead and drive change in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. 

I hope that the this is just the beginning of a long collaboration. 

Warmest regards,


Shivaugn Marie Ahern

Executive Director of CAHI


The first ever of its kind, IMPACTJUNKIE Central America Investor's Summit in Guatemala City happening November 6 - 7, 2019. We are excited to host this event in partnership with Universidad Francisco Marroquín, one of the leading universities and champion for free markets in the region.  

Access more information here (Download now) or information on the website,

This is a 2-day experience to work alongside impact-driven entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers ready to be the solution. This event includes an impact entrepreneur showcase, networking opportunities, and sessions to ignite impact investing on a global scale. 

Get exclusive access to the full online course, “The IMPACTJUNKIE Framework: How to launch an impact-driven movement.

$0 for IJ members, $999 for non-members. Promo Code: IJMEMBER2019

You will get first access to these sessions to help you move from idea to action with tools in problem-solving and innovation. First sessions are available November 1st as a thank you to our long-standing members like yourself. We need your help to test this course online and get feedback before it launches on a global scale. 

The IMPACTJUNKIE Framework course has been designed as a required master's level course at Johns Hopkins University and being used as training material for U.S. State Department. There are requests to use this course in universities in United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and other leading universities around the world. We can't wait to try this course with you before its big launch in 2020. 

Get connected with IMPACTJUNKIE to work alongside your company, organization, or community. 

Get a sample of what this could look like in your community here. We offer 1-day/multi-day workshops, online and in-person sessions, and consulting packages to help you and your team/staff to increase sales and innovation leading with impact.

[email protected] or reply to this email for more information. 

We are in need of Spanish and Arabic translators.

Spanish. We need Spanish translators to assist master level students as part of their healthcare innovation project with Johns Hopkins University. This class is using the IMPACTJUNKIE curriculum designed and taught by Philip Harding to help solve healthcare problems alongside the Central America Health Initiative.

Arabic. We are close to finishing the cookbook by Weedad, a Syrian refugee who hand wrote her recipes to sell as a product to change lives. You can read more here. We have a few more translation needs to make it happen. We also will be in need of more Arabic translators with future projects happening soon. 

If you are able to assist, respond to this email and include your best contact information such as preferred email and phone number. If you know of others who could assist, let us know! 

Wow! This past month was full of impact at every turn. Here is a list of some things you were part of this month. See more photos and details below. This is where we become the solution to the world's biggest problems. 

We need you. Every month we have online IMPACTJUNKIE meetups to help each other solve problems in our communities and around the world. This is where you can get involved right where you are -- start here

The stories you see below are possible because IMPACTJUNKIE members join online or in person to brainstorm through challenges. Then, together we make it happen. It's more than a box/shirt in the mail, it's about being the solution together. 

Keep making it happen.

P.S. We had over 100+ IMPACTJUNKIE members involved in meetups online or in person this past month! From Oregon, Guatemala, Belize, DR Congo, and more! 

Elfinia, women entrepreneur in Belize celebrates over a year and a half of business! Punta Gorda 

 Wow! Something to celebrate! Elfinia’s venture is taking off We love celebrating with over a year and a half of her venture starting in Punta Gorda, Belize with IMPACTJUNKIE. She has sold hundreds of her signature “Elfinia’s wristbands”, prototyped some shoelaces (wait what?!?!), worked with other women of Belize  to start their businesses, and now sending her children to school - one starts high school this month. So much to celebrate  We can’t wait to go to the next level in year two of her business. We celebrated back in July with a fun hotel stay, foot massages, waterfront dinners and an entrepreneur + innovation training in Belize City! But this month, we were able to bring the next payment to her! So awesome! Oh, and want to invest in her business? Order your Elfinia wristbands today perfect for Christmas gifts! Order Elfinia's wristband here.  

John Marlin, founder of Love Like Ty in honor of his son travels to Belize with IMPACTJUNKIE

 John Marlin goes to Belize   Founder of 
Lovelikety, super cool real estate developer/genius, makes impact everywhere he goes, loves adventure and diving — to name of a few. Love Like Ty is an organization started in honor of his son Ty to share love and kindness everywhere you go. Check them out! We love the impact they are making and can’t wait to take Love Like Ty all around the world  It’s about starting something that changes lives! Thankful to have John as part of the team doing more with he has been given!
 Santiago and his wife in Belize  Love these IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs running their IJ chicken farm in their village + his wife leads a co-op for other women entrepreneurs. So much impact! This life changing business was started over a year and a half ago and still thriving! Lots of growth and now talking about how we can develop the land to do more. Santiago is not only an entrepreneur but a Pastor - this type of opportunity has transformed their village to do more. His leadership and ability to make anything successful makes him unique to our IJ family. We love you!
 Forget the conference room table - this is where impact happens. Love having John Marlin talk life with Marcos, a pastor + IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneur in Punta Gorda, Belize We love making life long friendships across the table where everyone has a seat. One of our core values is to treat every person we meet like an entrepreneur, not a beggar. This is where we love, listen, learn to solve problems together. More to come!

"People would pay thousands of dollars for this experience we had in this room today. Seriously, thank you for coming to our little community and challenging us to dream bigger."
Mariah Hurlbert, financial advisor in Salem, Oregon

 SALEM, OREGON. What a weekend! Our entrepreneur and investor workshop series was powerful with a room full of 30+ ready to STEP UP and change lives! The initiative “Let’s give back to those who dream big in Salem, Oregon” is our new way to give back to the backbone of America — empower small town entrepreneurs and business owners with TONS of potential to change the world. We talked about homelessness, former inmates finding work, launching startups focused on solving problems, getting patents, mental health, solutions to reduce suicide rates at the local high school, franchising, impact investments, storytelling and so much more. This is the first of many for Oregon! Special thank you to our local partners who MADE IT HAPPEN! We appreciate you! Mariah Hurlburt, Financial Services Professional with NYLIFE Securities LLCWhirLocalCo.WDPI Staffing - PortlandOregon Entrepreneurs Network

Root Virtual Reality with co-founder David, an IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneur lands his first pilot program! 

"And just like that, nearly two years’ worth of hard work enters a new phase. We hit a huge milestone yesterday when we kicked off our first official pilot program with an amazing youth services organization here in Richmond, Virginia. Root VR is now out in the world, changing the face of adolescent mental healthcare as we know it. Details and results coming soon — what a time to be alive!" - David Waltenbaugh. Check out his work

IMPACTJUNKIE goes to Indonesia  at the end of September. We will be working with the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Surabaya to host entrepreneur and innovation workshops, collaborate in major agriculture needs, and stop by the Nestle headquarters to learn about the need/shortage of cacao plants for chocolate.

Have any connection with Indonesia? Message us! There are big needs and open doors for solutions. Let’s go! 

Excited about the partnership with Central American Health Initiative as we begin the master’s level course at Johns Hopkins University this September with Philip Harding, adjunct faculty member. More to come! 
August 2019 - September 2019
We headed back to Belize with the founder of
Love Like Ty, celebrated another year of business with Elfinia and Marcos in Belize, hosted an entrepreneur workshop in Salem, Oregon and started the master level course at Johns Hopkins University using the IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurship education material. We grew our partnerships with Co.W in Salem, Oregon,  Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Whirlocal, DPI Group, Mariah Hurlbert - financial advisor and others who came alongside us this month to make impact. 
Start Something. Want to get involved? Let us know!

IMPACTJUNKIE Real Estate is in its first stages. We are looking at potential investments in property to impact lives. If you are interested in exploring real estate or have expertise in this area, let us know! 

IMPACTJUNKIE Coffee is launching and we are looking for coffee ambassadors to make impact. Looking for a side job selling coffee? Let us know! 

Belize! Guatemala! Honduras! Central America! We are receiving so many needs and requests. If you would like to get more involved with these countries - let us know! 

Formerly incarcerated inmates. We are launching an entrepreneur development program for the formerly incarcerated community. Interested in doing more with this community right where you are? Let us know! 

IMPACTJUNKIE Military is expanding quickly. Veteran? Active military? Military family? Military Widow? We want to connect -

IMPACT Investors. IMPACTJUNKIE Investments team is growing and we are expanding our investment platform for our Angel Investor community. If you are interested in more, let us know!

IMPACTJUNKIE Partnerships are growing. If you and your company are interested in partnership opportunities, let us know! 

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Wow! This past month was full of impact at every turn, see some of the stories below. You are investing in loving people, going places and changing lives.

From Belize City, the White House, ball pit in St. Louis, and Criminal Justice Reform roundtables in Richmond, VA - impact is happening around the world with members stepping up to be the solution. 

Keep making it happen.

P.S. Read more here or check out the stories below! 

IMPACTJUNKIE Belize Entrepreneur Fest in partnership with Beltraide and U.S. Embassy of Belize Belize City

Hosted the  IMPACTJUNKIE Belize Entrepreneur Fest in partnership with U.S. Embassy of Belize and Beltraide! Over 60+ entrepreneurs and key leaders attended the all-day workshop to scale and grow their ventures to make large-scale impact. This included a tour of the U.S Embassy in Belmopan and meeting with the Chargé d’Affraires and the team in country.

More in Belize! Hosted innovation roundtables with the U.S. Embassy of Guatemala, some team members from the U.S. State Department, deans of Galen University, dean of the University of the West Indies, leadership team of the Belize Credit Union League, business development lead of Development Finance Corporation, and additional partners with InvestBelize.

Read more of the story
Marcos and Elfinia, pastors from Punta Gorda, Belize and IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs take their next big steps! Belize City 

Marcos and Elfinia (IJ wristband founder!), IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs from Punta Gorda, Belize traveled 7 ½ hours by bus to attend the Belize Entrepreneur Fest. This was their first time attending a country wide event focused on entrepreneurship especially in coming from a rural area where opportunities can be limited. Marcos has recently started a chicken farm enterprise and his wife, Elfinia a wristband business in their small village. However, the workshop challenged them to think bigger and they received the partnerships needed to grow and scale which will provide more jobs in their community. Elfinia also was invited to participate in a program hosted by the Prime Minister's wife to inspire women entrepreneurs. 
Aisha Bullard and her family joined the IMPACTJUNKIE Team! Aisha and her husband James live with their three daughters in Richmond, VA. Aisha is a real estate developer, lawyer, William and Mary graduate, and CEO of the largest transitional home for formerly incarcerated inmates in Virginia. She traveled with her family to Belize and were instrumental in the impact stories unfolding on the ground. He expertise and life experience makes her a lifetime IMPACTJUNKIE.
Emmanuel Ntibonera joined the IMPACTJUNKIE team in Belize! Emmanuel is co-founder of the Ntibonera Foundation where they will have delivered up to 70,000+ pairs of shoes the DR Congo. As former refugee and now master’s degree graduate he is looking to inspire and launch a more sustainable approach in the DR Congo with IMPACTJUNKIE. He has partnered with Liberty University, Steph Curry, Nike and Under Armour to make impact so far and excited to do even bigger things together.

Reserve your spot
here to hear his story and be part of the solution! 

Leah Coleman joined the IMPACTJUNKIE team in Belize! Leah is a real estate agent, President of women’s entrepreneur group, Boss Babes with over 7,000 current members; experienced business development expert in emerging market real estate co-founder of a woman and minority owned home services business; brand ambassador for International Propel Women’s Conference in Richmond, VA.

IMPACTJUNKIE in the White House! 

Presented one of our boldest proposals yet to the White House, the current administration and senior advisors in the Executive Office of American Innovation. It is called “Proposal to Reform The U.S. Response of the Migration Crisis in Central America.” More to come.

Hosted a Criminal Justice Reform innovation roundtable with Richmond Urban Ministry Institute partnered with Where We Help led by Aisha Bullard. Participants included case managers, mental health program directors, criminal justice advocates, Perch RVA restaurant owner Chef Mike and his business partner Karlie and representatives from Americans for Prosperity - Virginia. Our IMPACTJUNKIE community is excited to launch even greater efforts to launch innovation and reform to transform lives as they re-enter society. 

Launched the IMPACTJUNKIE ball pit at North American Youth Congress in St. Louis

Launched the IMPACTJUNKIE adult size ball pit in St. Louis with over 12,000 balls. Hundreds jumped in and were challenged to jump out of their comfort zone to start something that changes lives around the world. So many stories to tell. Shoutout to IMPACTJUNKIE members Crystal Napier, Syndey Houser, and Dalton Nicholas who went above and beyond to builld and make it happen.

Rented out Park Avenue Coffee in Downtown St. Louis to host an intimate gathering of IMPACTJUNKIE members who tested out IMPACTJUNKIE coffee + shared their dreams around the table. 

Jonathan and Keagan Band from Nashville, Tennessee performed LIVE in the IMPACTJUNKIE ball pit. Their authentic, original music is making an international impact with people everywhere. Get their music on Itunes, Spotify, and all the other music spots. 

Sold over fifty bags of IMPACTJUNKIE coffee and held a coffee taste test in St. Louis. We also drank over 50 cups of coffee too. 

Launched IMPACTJUNKIE Central America with Victor Juarez and Sarah Sterling, starting in Guatemala first. Connecting IJ members around the world and being part of the solution to some of the biggest problems happening in Central America.

Getting ready for the IMPACTJUNKIE Central America Investor’s Summit happening this November with U.S investors paired with local investors in Latin America to start something that changes lives. More to come!

Excited about the partnership with Central American Health Initiative as we begin the master’s level course at Johns Hopkins University this September with Philip Harding, adjunct faculty member. Expecting over 40 students to register for the course this coming Fall 2019.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Victor, president of the Young Leaders of Americas Initiative (YLAI) by the U.S. State Department requested our team to provide IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurship + innovation training for the "Social Emprendimiento" Summit alongside Google, May 17 - May 20. The strong desire to solve problems like poverty, access to education, access to business, and access to healthcare can be felt from these entrepreneurs. It is an honor to partner with YLAI to be part of the solution in Guatemala. 

Indianapolis, Indiana

Her first trip to Ethiopia changed everything. Deena saw a problem, the lack of feminine products available for women in Ethiopia. She hosted a brainstorm session to be the solution with other Ethiopian women. She is joining the IMPACTJUNKIE team in attending the Ethiopian Forum in Washington D.C and Guatemala. Also, Deena recently received Lilly Top 100 Innovative Employees of the Year. 

Gasabo, Rwanda. Two Rwandan entrepreneurs will launch their poultry farm venture with IMPACTJUNKIE. It started when they submitted one of the most well-written business plans we have ever received from entrepreneurs. They expressed immense gratitude and now joined as IMPACTJUNKIE members all the way from Rwanda to receive training/support to launch this summer. Top Picture: Valens Bottom Picture: Valens, left. Esperance, right.


Today was electrifying! Our *new* IMPACTJUNKIE members in Rwanda (yes, they pay $25/mo like we do, but to them it is equal $100 - they expressed so much thanks for allowing them to pay instead of it being free) just experienced our VIP training. We went through the empathy map in the language of Kinyarwanda and came out with some beautiful outcomes. IMPACTJUNKIE believes if you treat people like entrepreneurs, and not beggars then you create human dignity for all. We are cheering for you Valens and Esperance - you are going to do amazing things!

We did record it so if you want to listen, you can ❤️ We will be planning a trip soon! We cannot wait to meet them in person.

They cried because they said these ideas and working through our training really helped them beyond any business class they had received. Their dream is to train other business leaders. More to come ❤️✖️#Rwanda #impactjunkierwanda #impactjunkie @ Rwanda


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