These are the highlight stories from IMPACTJUNKIE entrepreneurs, investors, and adventurous doers around the world. 

You are a problem solver. Dive in here. 

Two big, hairy, audacious problems IMPACTJUNKIE members are working on right now. Learn how you can take action below. 

1. The migration crisis happening in Latin America and the United States. 

2. Open opportunities for entrepreneurs in underdeveloped regions of Jamaica. 

Download the IJ problem deck here to be the solution right from home. 

Impact + Entrepreneur Course kicks off with eleven IJ Entrepreneurs from Belize, Guatemala and the United States on March 14th

Participants were invited to complete an IJ online course ($400 value) including four interactive sessions guided by Philip Harding and impact experts in finance/investments, venture growth, and more. Designed to equip entrepreneurs to grow and scale their venture using problem-solving and innovation techniques such as story-driven methods, empathy mapping, pitch practice, and more. Follow their journey next month to see how they love people, go places, and change lives.

If you are interested in registering for the next course, email
Hosting the Impact Investments Roundtable with the Embassy of Guatemala in Washington D.C. 

On March 11th, IJ will be working together with impact investment leaders in Washington D.C. on innovative solutions to open opportunities to impact lives in Central America, starting with Guatemala. As an IMPACTJUNKIE member, you are part of a growing network supporting entrepreneurs solving big problems like migration, water sanitation, poverty, access to affordable housing, innovative financial tools, and large-scale development projects. More info here
Philip Harding, CEO of IMPACTJUNKIE and Julio Eduardo Orozco, Commercial Attaché of Guatemala celebrate the partnership at the Embajada de Guatemala in Washington D.C.
Pictures above. IJ members since 2017, John Clifton, Zuri Obado and Philip Harding dive with “Fruitie” an amazing Jamaican entrepreneur, met his beautiful family, and dreamed about the future together.
Picture above. Dr. Janet Trout, former missionary to Jamaica shares her vision for the country with the IMPACTJUNKIE Team
Launching large-scale impact developments in the "heart and soul" of Jamaica, northern coast between Montego Bay and Ochos Rios 

Have you dreamed of impacting lives across Jamaica and the Caribbean? The opportunity is here. Our IJ network is working on unique impact developments in the country to ignite entrepreneurship like never before. Includes training local business owners, creating spaces for innovation, and investing in some of the most undeveloped areas of the region. Our most recent trip to Montego Bay and Trelawny region included a team of IJ members meeting with local partners to see how we can get involved. Next steps are working with urban developers, real estate experts, and innovation leaders to move forward on impact in this region. If this is you, let's connect. 

If you or anyone you know runs a business in Jamaica or any connections to the region, email 
If you or a group of 5+ are interested in traveling this summer with IMPACTJUNKIE to Guatemala, Belize, or Jamaica, email Tip: Trips could be credited as professional development with your employer and/or educational institute. 

Includes IMPACTJUNKIE focused prep sessions with your international experience. Take action with your gifts and talents to start businesses and train entrepreneurs in the heart of Mayan and Caribbean culture. Trips are $2,000 per trip including lodging, meals, and prep sessions; flights not included.  


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