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We are hosting a unique event in Salem, Oregon for entrepreneurs and small business owners to offer training at a university level and connections to help them grow and scale. Every business owner and entrepreneur are the backbone of our communities. Together, let's have a day of training + a unique experience as a thank you for what they do everyday. 

This is where adventurous entrepreneurs and small business owners get what they need to dream big and scale like never before.


The 1-day event includes needed networking connections, meeting with experts, resources provided by exhibitors, and on-site workshops for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas.
At no cost to them.

60 + entrepreneurs registered (and growing!)

30 + local businesses represented

C&R Remodeling, Skylift Hardware, Pure Media, World Financial Bank -- to name a few.

Percentage of funds will support the Salem Young Professionals of The Inspire Foundation

Saturday, September 7th @ 9a - 5p

222 Commercial St. Salem, Oregon

Includes breakfast, lunch, lots of coffee and an invitation to the exclusive entrepreneur meetup/networking time on Friday, September 6th from 7:30p - 9pish at Basil and Board.    





Doug Lethin

 Doug Lethin literally grew up in the building industry. His father launched C&R Remodeling in 1961 in Salem, Oregon, and Doug was born right around the same time. Lethin took over the business in 1989 and invented the SKYLIFT roof riser hardware in 2010. Salem Chamber of Commerce member and community giver.

Mike White

Mid-Valley Venture Catalyst of Oregon's Entrepreneur Network, Co-owner American Roast Coffee Co., MBA from George Fox University, serial entrepreneur 

Stephan Wurzburg

A local Salem/Keizerite who has a background in Non-Profit Management, Franchising, Marketing & Communications, UX/Web Design, CCNA, CompTIA+ Network Certification.


Other speakers:  Philip Harding, Harvard grad to Presidential Innovation Fellow in Washington D.C. and launched an impact investment fund, Stephen Drury, founder of a $56+ million loan fund, and Clarissa Buckley, community event coordinator and impact coach for entrepreneurs and investors based out of Washington D.C. Read more about the team here

Salem, Oregon: Entrepreneurs + Investors Event
Saturday, September 7th, 9a - 5p.

$50 per business owner

$0 for every business owner/entrepreneur

use promo code: ILOVESALEM

(Thanks to our awesome partnerships!)

Register your name, business, and put in promo code: ILOVESALEM to get exclusive access to this event. 


GIVE BACK Partnerships

We have a few spots left!

After event costs are covered, a percentage of funds will go to support Salem Young Professionals of The Inspire Foundation.

  1. Give Back Partner, $50 includes sponsoring one ticket for a local business owner/entrepreneur. Can't be present? No worries, we will share how you made impact!  
  2. Exhibitor, $100 includes a space to offer your resources and network with all business owners, and includes logo placement during the event.
  3. Meal Sponsor, $350 includes taking care of the costs of either breakfast or lunch for the day. You will have 15 minutes during the meal to showcase/present your business during the meal. Logo placement and name placed in all press releases + recaps of the event. 
  4. Be a Presenter, $600 includes presenting on a topic related to helping businesses for 35 - 45 min. You will be presented as an expert in your field. Logo placement and name placed in all press releases + recaps of the event. 

If you are interested in giving back with this event, email [email protected] or call 757-810-3599.

Let's Give Back


Give Back




Meal Sponsor






Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a sales gimmick? You know -- like one of those cheesy events to make quick money?

Sadly, so many entrepreneur events are well -- cheesy and cheap. Our goal is not to sell memberships, cheesy products, or try to grow our community without connecting with the community of Salem first. We are not competing with anyone and will connect attendees to local resources FIRST. 

Another workshop? What makes this one different?

We fall asleep during lecture style teaching so we do not do it. These are interactive style workshops working to meet your biggest needs. Lots of post-it notes, sharpies will be provided. The format of this workshop is based on the required master's level course designed by IMPACTJUNKIE for Johns Hopkins University. 


We are a global community for entrepreneurs and investors ready to grow and scale ventures to make an impact. We find businesses solving a problem and help scale their impact around the world.

Why have you chosen Salem, Oregon? 

Great question! We were invited by Doug Lethin over a year ago. At first, it was going to be a small, invite-only event but it's not really our style. We are community focused so thought -- let's do something to give back to this community. It's also our first event on the West Coast. 

What other locations have you held this event? 

National: Indianapolis, IN with the Small Business Administration, St. Louis, MO, Richmond, VA, Washington D.C., Arlington, VA, Southern Pines, NC, Fayetteville, NC, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD and more. Global: Guatemala City, Belize City, Punta Gorda, Honduras, Greece, Nepal, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Haiti, Indonesia, and more. 

Why didn't we host this in Portland, Oregon?

Salem is a growing region. It just made sense. Portland gets all the resources it seems for entrepreneurs but we figured -- why not highlight other growing regions?

How will one event make such an impact? 

If this event proves successful, we will be back often. We want to connect with as many local partners as possible. We also know how important it is to not make a "big" splash and never come back. It's not our style. 

Who else is on your team? 

Check out the bios of our team -- from investment advisors, education specialists, and more. Read more here.

How are you partnered with the U.S. State Department? 

Philip Harding, co-founder and CEO of IMPACTJUNKIE travels as an international speaker per request of the U.S. State Department to teach this program in embassies around the world. We have recently hosted this event with U.S. Embassy of Belize -- so much fun. Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to help other countries living in undesirable conditions. 



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