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Topics include impact investing, Guatemala, innovations in mental health, DR Congo, military/veteran issues, LIVE workshops in Belize, and more.  


Education + Technology:
Launch computer coding learning for kids!

An online mastermind session where we get to solve problems, together.

Think through solutions with Amber Manry, CEO of bitcubs in making computer coding learning more affordable and fun for every child. Computer coding is becoming as important as learning to read or write with the future of our world. Amber took on the challenge to create a solution and now ready to launch it around the world. Bitcubs is a computer coding company with a cartoon series that teach computer coding in a fun way plus curriculum for K - 8th grade, teaching materials, worksheets, and music! If you are an educator or a tech-savvy type, this is for you. We need your brain to think through solutions how to make education + technology available to everyone who need it most. 

Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/2733467015

Call-in: +1 646 876 9923


Mental Health:
This is a safe space.

An online mastermind session where we get to solve problems, together.

Think through solutions to bring innovation and entrepreneurship in the mental health field and connect with others around the world working on these big problems. Talk with entrepreneurs like Victor from Guatemala launching a mental health messaging service for young people in Guatemala. Hear from companies like Root Virtual Reality launching virtual reality mental health solutions to make impact. Let's talk about the those tough topics and find solutions in the mental health space around the world. 


Healthcare Innovation:
From Johns Hopkins University to Central America

An online mastermind session where we get to solve problems, together.

Think through solutions with our team from Johns Hopkins University and innovators in Central America on how to bring solutions for some of the biggest needs in healthcare. The discussion will use your brain to help existing healthcare ventures grow and scale to make more impact in countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and more. 


Founder's Circle:
CEO, Founders/Co-Founders - this is for you.

Every 1st Tuesday of the month at 1p eastern. An online mastermind session where we get to solve problems, together.

This is your safe space to talk out problems and find solutions as you lead an impact company and/or organization. Find the community support in like-minded people launching something to impact lives. Topics include: scale + grow, attract investors, impact growth strategies, mental health tips, and so much more. This community is exclusive to IMPACTJUNKIE members. 

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/633171280 
Call-In: +1 646-876-9923, Meeting ID: 633-171-280


Create the best opportunities for military spouses

Let's talk about it with Lauren Stewart, spouse of a Marine launching a new venture to create a space to help military spouses grow and thrive despite the challenges. 

My husband was deployed and I looked at the resources offered to me. Basically, it felt like a glorified stay at home mom club but nothing for a professional like myself. I wondered, “Where do I fit in?”


Military Spouses: Face an unemployment rate that is double the national average. Earn on average 26.8% less than their civilian peers. Are significantly less likely to participate in the labor market, despite being more educated than their civilian peers.


The stresses due to the lack of opportunity for military spouses greatly detract from essential family readiness, military retention as well as the service member’s ability to successfully transition post retirement. Like most American families, military families find that two incomes are ideal or in some instances, necessary. Thus, putting significant financial stress on service members and spouses. Military spouses want to work, and are continuously disheartened by the barriers they face in trying to do so. Reasons for seeking work include: paying bills, covering basic expenses, to avoid boredom/keep busy and for personal fulfillment.


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