🥳 You ready to party? WE ARE!  🥳 

🍪 🎉 ✖️🍪 🎉 ✖️


 Friday, December 18 @ 9:00 p.m. ET *LIVE* ▶️ via Zoom! 

Get ready for a delicious time with our IMPACTJUNKIE Christmas 🎄 and Cookie 🍪 Party 🎉 with IJs around the world 🌎. This is a family-friendly event so children are welcome/encouraged to join too!   

Christmas X cookies 🍪, live music 🎵, coffee ☕, impact ✖️, and dreams 💭 -- it's how Impact Junkies like to celebrate 🎉. Just bake cookies in the shape of an X! You can bake 🧑‍🍳 during the party or have them ready to enjoy. 

P.S. You won't lose points if you cheat and buy those tasty cookies from the store too 😉.