Bethanie's husband was killed in Afghanistan, and grieving felt like a full-time job. Amber felt alone as a woman minority in government. Jacinta dropped her daughter off at day care to go after the 9 -5. Mason retired a 20 year army vet and woke up everyday, lost. Philip rode the train to and from work just for a paycheck. This was life, but there has to be more. They decided to do something. They jumped out of their comfort zone and now hooked to changing lives - that's the "junkie" in all of us. 

The mission of IMPACT JUNKIE is to excite, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs, investors and adventurous doers to use their superpowers (talents, skills, abilities) for good -- to create real impact in real lives in their cities/communities and around the world. We believe we have a God-given mandate to go places, love people, and be proper stewards of our abilities to serve the world -- and bring along as many people as we can. Our ultimate BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to hear: "Well done." 

IMPACT JUNKIE fosters an ecosystem of training, experiences, accelerators, pitch competitions, and quality goods that empowers entrepreneurs to fulfill their calling, purpose, and passion through free enterprise and service.

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