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The IMPACTJUNKIE Framework course has been designed as a required master's level course at Johns Hopkins university and being used as training material for U.S. State Department. There are requests to use this course in universities in United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and other leading universities around the world.

We can't wait to try this course with you before its big launch in 2020. 

You will get first access to these sessions to help you move from idea to action with tools in problem-solving and innovation. First sessions are available November 1st as a thank you to our long-standing members.

We need your help to test this course online and get feedback before it launches on a global scale. 



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"Thank you for making our programs a part of your work, and allowing us to observe the changes you make in people’s lives."

Foreign Affairs Officer at U.S. Department of State

"These sessions helped me to expand my vision and fine-tune my business model. They ask the hard questions and provide resources that help broaden and enhance my skills to create a successful business."

Entreprenuer and administrative specialist of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

"We aimed to introduce students to ways they can evaluate the real-world problems, especially those in the healthcare space, and consider how they could create sustainable and effective solutions. The biggest part was to equip our students to take practical action in their roles now and eventually in their positions as physicians."

Academic advisor, Health Science Intensive program at Johns Hopkins University

"People would had paid thousands of dollars to hear what I heard today. So thank you for coming to our community to help those who need it the most -- our local businesses. "

Financial Advisor, New York Life

"I’m not chasing money, I’m chasing excellence. I went from an idea to now hiring three full-time employees since our impact reach grew."

Owner of Clean Co. The Cleaning Company in Virginia

Your Guide

Learn and grow together with proven problem solvers, and innovators. Plus, leverage our relationships with universities like Harvard, Johns Hopkins and opportunities with the State Department and international leaders. 


Philip Harding, CEO & co-founder of IMPACTJUNKIE.

International thought leader, inspirational speaker, mentor, and coach to impact investors and social entrepreneurs; senior advisor in the US federal government, from the Pentagon to the White House on $80 billion problem of government modernization & innovation; launched The Great Pitch, which invested over $16 million+ in good-for-government ideas, now US government’s internal “Venture Capital” arm; undergrad and graduate studies at Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s in Public Policy; elected university-wide student president; gave the 2014 Harvard commencement speech to "go serve the world with passion”; global speaker with the US State Department; judge for Startup Istanbul; keynote speaker at Innovation Week in Uzbekistan; creator and teacher of master's course on innovation and impact entrepreneurship as member of faculty at Johns Hopkins University.

The IMPACTJUNKIE education courses for entrepreneurship and innovation are now a required master's level course for pre-medical students at Johns Hopkins University designed and taught by Philip Harding.

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100+ IMPACTJUNKIE workshops and meetups hosted around the world.

50,000+ entrepreneurs and change-makers have attended an IMPACTJUNKIE event. 

$300k+ invested in IMPACTJUNKIE education and ventures around the globe.

Every membership provides entrepreneur and innovation training in developing countries around the world. 

17+ countries with IMPACTJUNKIE partnerships

Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Haiti, Brazil, Greece, Nepal, DR Congo, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Slovenia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Rwanda, Vietnam, China.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Another workshop? What makes this one different?

We fall asleep during lecture style teaching so we do not do it. These are interactive style workshops working to meet your biggest needs. Lots of post-it notes, sharpies will be used. The format of this workshop is based on the required master's level course designed by IMPACTJUNKIE for Johns Hopkins University. 


We are entrepreneurs and investors hooked on solving the biggest, hairiest, most audacious problems in the world. Our framework helps organizations and companies become leaders in problem-solving and innovation. 

What other locations have you held workshops and events? 

National: Indianapolis, IN with the Small Business Administration, St. Louis, MO, Richmond, VA, Washington D.C., Arlington, VA, Southern Pines, NC, Fayetteville, NC, Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD and more. Global: Guatemala City, Belize City, Punta Gorda, Honduras, Greece, Nepal, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Haiti, Indonesia, and more. 

Who else is on your team? 

Check out the bios of our team -- from investment advisors, education specialists, and more. Read more here.

How are you partnered with the U.S. State Department? 

Philip Harding, co-founder and CEO of IMPACTJUNKIE travels as an international speaker per request of the U.S. State Department to teach this program in embassies around the world. We have recently hosted this event with U.S. Embassy of Belize -- so much fun. Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to help other countries living in undesirable conditions. 


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