Get in the action with this interactive online meetup. 

If you are interested in interntional travel with IMPACTJUNKIE, reserve your spot! Hear stories from our co-founders Philip and Steve, and meet inspiring people from around the world. *online


Ready to connect your passion, purpose and calling to big needs in the world? 

Join co-founder Philip Harding and other IMPACTJUNKIE members.

Meet other students, entrepreneurs, investors, and doers like you. Connect with members doing more with what they've been given all around the world. Hear the impact stories, share your challenges, and find your tribe. *This is an online meetup, but *coming soon* in-person meetups in your area!

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Say hello to the *new* IMPACTJUNKIE online meetup, exclusive for members.

This next chapter of IMPACTJUNKIE is all about you. After all, you are IMPACTJUNKIE.

Wait -- how does it work?

Our goal is to equip you, inspire you, introduce you to amazing people, give you resources, and connect you to other IMPACTJUNKIE members around the globe - every month - all so you can be the solution.

We heard it over and over again. "I like the stuff I am getting, but I want to do more than get stuff". We realize the biggest impact we can make is giving you the tools you need to be the solution to the world's biggest problems. You are the missing piece we need as we grow to impact 7.7 billion people.

Our inbox is full of emails from people wanting to get involved, volunteer, and do something more. So we decided, what if we created a way for you to start something, do more, and get involved? 


So what's the best kept secret?

You and other IMPACTJUNKIE members are the best kept secret. Your IMPACTJUNKIE membership now equips and unleashes you to connect your passion, calling and purpose to do more. We are introducing you to our global community in a way where you touch, taste, and feel the impact you are making. Meet other students, entrepreneurs, investors, and doers like you. Connect with members doing more with what they've been given all around the world. Hear the impact stories, share your challenges, and find your tribe every month from right where you are, online or in-person.


Every month -- join the member-only meetup online or in-person, discuss with a team of experts (investors, doctors, lawyers, inspiring entrepreneurs, government leaders, Harvard grads, teachers, healthcare workers, social workers, financial advisors, marketing gurus, etc), meet IMPACTJUNKIE members from around the world, compete in challenges and competitions, and hear stories of what your membership made happen every week (aka follow the money!).

What if you could meet an IMPACTJUNKIE member in Australia, Belize, Guatemala, Poland, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Canada, and more -- every month. What if you could share your stories, challenges, solutions, and ideas you have to start something that changes lives with members around the world? What if you could be part of a community instead of only giving money for others? Now you can.

There is a gap, we feel it. We are ready to do more together.

You are an IMPACTJUNKIE in a community hooked on changing lives. You have answered the call. We have traveled the globe telling your stories, sharing your posts, and being proud of who you are everywhere we go. (Yes, your pictures and stories have been in presentations in Turkey, Uzbekistan, and more).

First, we say thank you. Thank you for stepping up, making it happen, and loving this community. There are IMPACTJUNKIE members on every continent except Antarctica. Thousands of stickers shipped, thousands of buttons shipped, and thousands of you stepping up. As we grow, we need you.

We are called to be adventurers. Love people, go places, and change lives - all seven billion. We are ready to unleash every adventurer, every entrepreneur, every investor to leave a mark on the world where doing life this way is the only option. This is the impact revolution that will shape how problems are solved, solutions will be people focused, and greed will be unacceptable.

Go ahead and register for the next live meetup. Be part of next chapter of your IMPACTJUNKIE life!



Ready to be part of the solution? We are too. 

You are almost there! *limited spots available